For those who don't know us (yet) ...

Jan Steutel is a little bit "unusual".
He runs his small garage, has been welding, improving and fully restoring, buying and selling (Italian) classic cars for the last 25 years.

His love of cars really started when he was about 13, when his father gave him his first car, a little old Fiat Topolino, in need of 'some work' of course! When he turned 18 and passed his drivingtest he proudly drove his Giulietta Spider, his first full restoration! The love of Italian cars and his passion for mechanics turned his hobby into his profession.

Before starting his own business, he worked for several Alfa Romeo dealerships who tried to mold him into an obedient mechanic. In 1981 the call for independence and freedom made him and his (by then) Giulia Spider travel many kilometers in search for a suitable location.

He found it, in 1982, in Almkerk, a small town, about 30 kilometers south of Utrecht. Easy to reach and find from the nearby highway and very characteristic! An old 1920s workshop, empty and abandoned, perfect for the task!

In the beginning, besides the mechanical work, a lot of panelwork and welding was done on Giulia GT's and Giulia Supers. But the panels where getting very hard to find and very expensive. Jan looked for a solution and in 1983 the first trip to Italy was made with a very old Mercedes-Van, in search for used panels and doors. This was the start of many trips. How knew then that he would be making monthly trips for many years, starting with only parts, later with complete cars. Hundreds of them!

Now, Jan travels all over the world, in search of cars. Always looking for the beautiful Italian classics like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia and Maserati to name a few. Also pre-war cars like Delahaye, Delage and Talbot-Lago have a special place in his hart, and of course Jan's long time love, Alfa Romeo. But don't be surprised to find the odd American or English classic car, or motorbike in our showroom because Jan admires beauty, mechanically, technically or simply the sculpture itself …

The company stayed small, intentionally. With small overheadcosts the company is very flexible, and leaves room for Jan's passion; working on beautiful cars!

Garage Steutel is located in the central part of the Netherlands. Amsterdam or Bruxelles airport are only one hour by car and pick-ups can be arranged.
(Please let us know if you intend to bring along another person beside yourself as Jan has a habit of taking the first available car … which could very well be a two-seater).


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