1949 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Super

Our precious project,
rebuild 2002-2003.

During 2003 and 2003, we restored this 1949 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Super Sport.
A Swiss - two owner - car, laid up and partly dismantled since 1967, this car was untouched for many years and still had it's original urethane-cellulose paint.

This page informs you about the process - and, eh, sorry... not for sale!

Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Super Sport as bought from Graf Metternich

Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Super Sport as bought from Graf Metternich

The engine needs some inspecting.

The engine after inspecting and cleaning.


Repair process of the beautiful handmade alloy carrozzeria.

The cooling system gave a lot of work due to corrosion and dirt ...
A lot of attention was given to the 1948 waterpump, its factory instructions caused a lot of headaches.
cooling system
A copper radiator?? Not in 1948! Because of post-war Italian material shortage the radiator was simply constructed from sheet-metal which, of course, rusted to pieces. In two days time, new parts were finally made from copper!

Electrics? Carrello ...
I think my Italian, French, and German improved since that search,
but I finally found what I needed!

Steering wheel:

Steering wheel
This optional, handmade, touring steering wheel was found in Belgium and carefully restored.


Some (first) pictures of the car after its long and time consuming paint repair operation.

paint repaired

We chose to repair the old Cellulose-Urethane blue and grey paint.
This meant a lot of sanding, painting, buffing, repainting, and polishing.

paint repaired

Most of the blue paint is new and only minor parts in grey were repaired.
This way the original patina of the car was preserved and the result is stunning!


Mould radio/speaker
The vulnerable Plexiglas radio-console/speaker-front was missing.
A mould was made-up to take to the Plexiglas-specialist,
we will have to see how that turns up.

Back home!

The paintwork is finished and the car is back in Almkerk! (24 Nov 2002)

Back home

Back home

Now it's time to finish the build-up.

Progress around Christmas '02

Installing the 1949 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 engine

After extensive cleaning of the engine compartment and inner panels, we could finally install the engine - after 35 years of silence of this machine!

An amount of days were spend on plumbing - a number of cooling pipes had to be remade.


All hydraulics were of course carefully overhauled and upgraded to modern, high-class standards.

Brake cylinder Brake pads

17 January 2003

During the Christmas "holidays" it became quite a car and at 6 Januari the engine was carefully set to run!

Installing the 1949 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 engine

The next step was to reconstruct the seats from a very tired and unrepairable set, to a set of new seat frames.

Fitting New construction for seat frames

Original specification materials were used,
traditional shaping and gaswelding was used to get the right result.

21 February 2003

Front springs

The front springs were in need of some "attention" ... replacement.


Upholstery in process,


traditionaly made by a carefull craftsman.

18 April 2003

The seatcushions were handformed,
supported by Pirelli rubber,
and covered with the finest choice of Italian leather.

New upholstery for the front seats

Upholstery doors

25 April 2003

Our friendly interior craftsman at work ...
See the results.

Upholstery in the trunk

Upholstering the interior

9 May 2003

Upholstery in the trunk

In the mean time this car has been finished and is running like clockwork.

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