Alfa Romeo GTA Replica

Some of the most famous tour-cars in the history of race sports:
Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 and GTA 1300 Junior!

These relics from the seventies are being cherished and restored ... nearly always back to "factory original".

But whatever happened to the "full armoured" wide-body competition cars?
All we had left were some pictures ...
And some "salvaged" parts.

We started rebuilding a "wide body" in April 2005.
13'', 8 en 9 J rims and wheels were on the market again, we still had this Italian extension set somewhere, and stumbled upon an old - stripped - 1967 GT in the east of the Netherlands.

After a lot of work (night-shift), an extra 2000 GTV for parts, and a lot of puzzling, what came out was not "just a joke" but a serious rebuild of what could have been a racing car in 1972.

After its first public appearence at "Wings and Wheels" in Gilze-Rijen, an invitation was received for ... (See the next page)

Price and delivery: to be discussed.

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